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Ener-Tech: The Southwest's Method For Reducing Energy Costs

Looking for ways to save electricity and reduce your powerbill? If you’re like most Americans the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Energy prices are at record highs and they show no signs of abating. In fact, most studies show they will raise even further and, more dangerous still, they’re reliant on a highly volatile part of the world. Luckily, there is a solution to the old question, “How to reduce energy costs.” At Ener-Tech, an energy company in Phoenix and Tempe AZ, we specialize in providing homes with better energy efficiency. We do this afford-ably by providing clients with several types of energy efficient solutions which are often subsidized by Federal and State Tax Credit Incentives.

Ways to Save Electricity & Reduce Your Power Bill

Ener-Tech offers several technologically advanced methods to reducing your power bill. Whether you’re interested in saving money, helping the environment, or both we have several affordable solutions. First, we can install Attic Breeze Solar Fans. These solar-powered ventilation systems keep attics cool which reduces heat transfer into your home or business.

We also offer solar water heating systems. Manufactured by FAFCO these solar panels are perfect for keeping your home's water warm or for heating a swimming pool. IceCOLD® Green Technology is great at increasing an air conditioners operational performance. These are just the beginning of what we can do to help people reduce their power bills and save electricity. If you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area give us a call at 855-957-2166 and start saving money as soon as possible.

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