Ice Cold®

IceCOLD® in Tempe, Phoenix, and other Southwest Cities

As a home or business owner, you must always be mindful of ways that you can conserve energy and reduce the amount of money that you spend on your monthly power bills. There are several things that you can do to be proactive and improve the energy efficiency of your property. A simple way to accomplish this and still experience far-reaching benefits is by using IceCOLD®.

What Is IceCOLD®?

IceCOLD® is a synthetic solution that be added to the refrigerant of your cooling system. Because the vent air is colder, your system will run less and will last for much longer without the need for a replacement. IceCOLD® is able to remove oil fouling in many air conditioning systems, which is known to cause restriction and plugging in tubes and valves.

There are several great benefits that homes and businesses in the Southwest can experience from IceCOLD® technology. Many of them deal with the functions and parts of your cooling unit. Rather than boring you with all that jargon, we’ll just skip ahead to the good stuff. With IceCOLD®, you can reduce your overall energy costs by as much as 20%. On top of that, your system will also be able to deliver colder air faster, you’ll pay less in repairs, and the compressor will run much quieter. Best of all, one service will last for the entire life of your cooling system coils. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t give IceCOLD® a try.

Ener-Tech: Your Resource for IceCOLD® Technology

To try IceCOLD® for yourself, contact Ener-Tech. We are the preferred solution for people looking for effective ways to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient and trim their energy costs. This synthetic solution is added to your air conditioner/refrigeration system in the same way that Freon™ is. An experienced Ener-Tech technician will make sure that it is added correctly, so you can receive the full effects of this exciting product.

If you are constantly mindful of the effect you have on the environment, you’ll love IceCOLD®. It’s estimated that 40% of the world’s energy use is for cooling and The U.S. Department of Energy calculated that for every 1,000 KWH (kilowatt hours) of electricity not used by your cooling equipment, 1,341 pounds of CO2 are not released. This really is a very simple way to “go green” and lend a hand to your local environment.

To schedule an IceCOLD® service for your home or business in Riverside, CA or Las Vegas, NV, just call Ener-Tech at 855-957-2166.