Increase Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency in Riverside, CA, Las Vegas, NV, & Surrounding Areas

There are several factors that go into home energy efficiency. These things determine how much you pay for your power bills each month and where valuable resources are being wasted. How can you make sure that your home is energy efficiency and you are keeping your electricity bills as low as possible? This can sometimes seem like a daunting task for many homeowners, but the truth is that there are several simple and affordable things that you can do to increase efficiency of your HVAC system and other areas of your home.

The first step toward improving home energy efficiency is contacting Ener-Tech. We can conduct a professional home energy audit that will cover many of the common problem areas and offer advice for ways to save energy in the future. Our skilled technicians are also authorized to perform the installation of some of the most groundbreaking home energy efficiency products available on the market today, IceCOLD®, and Aeroseal®.

Ways to Save Energy

  • IceCOLD®: This incredible synthetic solution can be added to your cooling system. It keeps your AC system cool, which means it will run less and last longer. It can also decrease your energy spending by 20%.
  • Aeroseal®: This is a very simple increase efficiency of an HVAC system dramatically. It fills leaks and cracks in your air ducts and reduces the amount of pollen dirt, and bacteria in your home’s air. It can prevent illness and allergy irritation while cutting your utility bills by $600-850 each year.

Ener-Tech Home Energy Efficiency Solutions

If you would like to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system with Aeroseal®, improve home energy efficiency with IceCOLD®, or try another one of these products, call Ener-Tech today! We’d love to perform a thorough analysis of your home to determine the best way to help you save energy and money while living comfortably. We are based in Las Vegas, NV and Riverside, CA and can offer these vital services to any home in these areas.